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Top mistakes homeowners make when putting their home on the market

Top mistakes homeowners make when putting their home on the market

Are you thinking of putting your home on the market? I hope you have already done some research and revised a list of real estate agents for listing your property.

Selling your home is a major decision. It can be a complicated process to make a listing, find buyers, check their background, navigate the documentation requirements, etc., on your own. Any mistakes can be financially tolling.

Vision Real Estate has a combined experience of over 15 years in selling and buying homes. Our team ensures that homeowners interested in selling their property get the best price for their property without having to deal with any stress of the selling process.

If you are thinking about selling your home, here are the top mistakes to avoid when putting your home on the market:

1-Home repairs

Before putting your home on the market, homeowners need to take care of any major home repairs. One of the top mistakes that homeowners make is hiding major problems. However, most home buyers, especially those buying a home on a mortgage, would get a home inspection before purchasing the home. It can delay the selling process as they would require the seller to get the repairs done.

2-Over-improvements and decoration

Some homeowners want to make a great first impression on buyers and end up over-spending on specific installations and overdecorating for staging. It is recommended to get a home inspection and take care of the required repairs, but no need to overspend on un-doing any large installations that you may have installed as per your taste.

3-Selling home independently

Selling your home independently without the help of a real estate agent comes with its own challenges. Without a real estate agent by your side, you may end up spending more money on your home repairs, staging, and closing, or may sell it at a price that’s far below its actual worth. Not hiring a real estate agent is one of the crucial mistakes homeowners make.

At Vision Real Estate, our real estate agents are experienced in marketing your home, negotiating prices, and ensuring you get the best price possible.

4-Wrong pricing of your property

Pricing your property right is crucial for the homeowner to sell the house and get the best price for it. Pricing the property too high may discourage buyers and make it difficult for you to find potential buyers. While pricing the home too low may result in loss. At Vision Real Estate, we use comparative market analysis and other techniques to determine the right listing price.

If you are looking to avoid the above mistakes and sell your home without any hassle, leave the job to our professional real estate agents at Vision Real Estate. Whether you are selling a residential property or a commercial place, we have the right team to handle all your real estate project requirements. Consult our experts today!

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